Nothern Italy


Venice - Although inhabited in the ancient 5th century, in the 9th century it became one of the most important ports in this part of the world. The then Venetian Republic agreed with the Arabs to gain free passage through the Ottoman Gate with the payment of a day. As a strong economic power, he also receives the status of a republic, and a doge who served as ruler of Venice takes its forehead. The wealthy inhabitants of this city are beginning to invest in the first monumental buildings, some of which still exist today. That is why even today, centuries later, Venice is often said to be a living museum. It was raised on 118 sandy islands separated from each other by lagoons. They are connected through bridges or simply built an embankment, and buildings are built over it. Today, Venice has over 400 bridges.

Verona - Verona is the capital of the Italian province of the same name (3,097 km², 814,300 inhabitants) and the second largest city (after Venice) in the Veneto region, on the Adige River, close to Lake Lago di Garda, 100 km west of Venice. With over two thousand years of history, today Verona is the second most important center of the Veneto region of one of the most populous, richest and most industrialized regions of Italy.
Verona is a large tourist centre or a very vibrant and economically developed city.

The Adide River is half-circled in the city centre and with low hills on the north side makes for a harmonious and beautiful landscape. This romantic city hosted the story of Romeo and Juliet, the most beautiful and sought-after love story ever told.

Padua - is a city and an obstina of 210,440 inhabitants in the Veneto region of Italy (Provicija Padova). It is also the administrative center of Provicia Padova, the economic, educational and transport center of this part of Northern Italy. Padua with Venice, Mestro and Marghera forms a conurbation with a population of about 1,600,000.

Lake Garda - Lake Garda (Italian: Lago di Garda or Benaco) is the largest lake in Italy and the 34th largest lake in Europe. Lago di Garda lies at the foot of the Alps about halfway between Venice and Milan. The area of the lake is 369.98 km², the territory of Lake Garda and its shores are divided between the provinces; Verona (southeast), Brescia (southwest), and Trento (north).

Destination Venice
Departure Podgorica
Touring Verona, Padova, Garda
Departure Time
Return Time
Northern Italy

Travel program:

- Departure of the group at 3:30 a.m. in front of the Hotel Aurel, Old Airport. A tour bus ride through Croatia and Slovenia, with breaks for rest and completion of border formalities.

- Arriving in Lido di Jesolo, a small Italian resort, in the morning. Departure from punta sabioni port by boat to Venice. Upon arrival in Venice, a tour of the city with a local guide. After the tour, free time for walking and independent sightseeing. Return by boat to Lido di Jesolo. Hotel accommodation. Overnight stay.

- Breakfast. After breakfast, free time for individual activities or the possibility of organising a facilitating excursion to Lake Garda, which is italy's largest lake. Upon arrival at the lake, free time for walking and relaxation in the interesting small town of Sirmione. In the afternoon, a trip to Verona – the city of Romeo and Juliet. Upon arrival of the tour of the city: amphitheatre "Arena", Trg Bra, Julia's house... individual activities. back to the hotel in Lido di Jesolo. The night.

- Breakfast. Check out of the hotel. Packing things on the bus. Leisure time at the Lido di Jesolo or a facilitated excursion to Padua. A tour of Padua, a city where artists such as Giotto and Donatello left their stamps. After touring the free time. Going to Vicenza. The city of Vicenza has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1994. After touring the free time. In the early evening, moving towards Montenegro with breaks and border formalities.

- Arrival in Podgorica in the morning. End of arrangement


Transportation by tourist buses

2 nights with breakfast Hotel 3*

A tour of Venice with a licensed guide

Tax, tolls

Agency representative during travel

This trip requires a valid biometric passport, valid for three months from the day of completion of the trip.
Minors may attend the arrangement but with the written and certified consent of one parent ( if they travel with another ) or both parents, if they travel alone
The agency has the right to waive the arrangement no later than 5 days after the start of the trip, due to insufficient number of applicants.

If a passenger gives up travel, the agency is managed by general Travel Conditions, which are an integral part of the arrangement.
The travel organizer reserves the right to change the travel program due to unforeseen objective circumstances ( e.g. border congestion, traffic jams, closure of one of the sites foreseen for tours, etc... )

All the time in the programme is given in the local clocks of the country in which the group will reside
Passengers who possess an overseas passport are obliged to inquire themselves at the competent consulate about the necessary documents
Hotel accommodation in which the group will stay is according to the official local categorization of the country in which we will stay and may differ from categorization in our country. The agency cannot be affected as well as the contents of the breakfast dishes.

The agency is not liable in case border authorities prevent a passenger from entering EU territory.
Please consider that there is a possibility that some of the hotel's facilities may not be functional due to objective circumstances, and that due to public or religious holidays in a particular destination, some of the sites, or shopping malls, shops, restaurants, museums, are not working.

Stop for casual rest is foreseen every 3 to 4 hours drive at the stops, depending on availability of stop capacity and road conditions
In case of justifiable reasons, and the inability to accommodate the already selected hotel, the agency has a parvo replacement of the agreed accommodation, but the newly selected hotel must be of the same category in the same or similar location, which you will be notified of without delay, with an invitation to agree to the change.

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