As a rule, those who meet Ohrid once, return to this city-museum, whose every church and chapel, fresco or icon is a rarity of inestimable value.

Lake Ohrid, often referred to as the Macedonian freshwater sea, is a story in itself. In the 9th and 10th centuries, Saints Clement and Nahum, students of Cyril and Methodius, worked here, so Ohrid is considered a center of Slavic literacy and culture and an artistic treasure of the Balkans.

According to one legend, the city was named after the position on the cliff "o hrid".

Lake Ohrid, but also the city of Ohrid, is surrounded by high mountains and at almost 700 meters you will have the illusion that you are at sea. At the very least, you will think that you are in a sea bay, and in fact you are on one of the largest and oldest European lakes, but also the deepest. Many people like to spend their holidays on Lake Ohrid, but also - for some, Ohrid is an indispensable point on the way to Greece. When Ohrid is mentioned, it refers to the city of Ohrid and the lake of the same name. The lake is divided between Albania and Macedonia, while the city is located on the northeast coast and is the seat of the Ohrid Archbishopric.

They say that there are 365 churches on it - one for each day of the year. Lake Ohrid in numbers stands like this: its area is 358.2 km2, it can be as deep as 289 m, and it is located at an altitude of 695 m, which is a health, primarily air oasis.

Destination Ohrid
Departure Podgorica
Departure Time
Return Time
Ohrid 8.March

Travel program:

March 4 Departure of the group at 11 pm in front of the Aurel Hotel, Old Airport. Night ride on the tourist bus with breaks for rest and completion of border formalities.

March 5 Arrival in Ohrid in the morning. Accommodation in a hotel. Going on a city tour with a licensed guide: Church of St. John Cane, St. Panteleimon Monastery, Ancient Theater, Samuel's Fortress, old town, square and center, pearl production of the Filevi family, Biljana's springs… Free afternoon for individual activities. Overnight stay.

March 6 Breakfast. Free day in Ohrid or optional excursion to the nearby monastery complex of St. Naum, which is located about thirty km from Ohrid and is one of the most important monasteries in Macedonia. In the monastery church there are bridges of St. Naum, a disciple of the Thessalonian brothers Cyril and Methodius. Within this beautiful complex there is a national restaurant where you can try the famous Ohrid trout, beach, boats for a ride on the lake ... On the way to St. Naum we stop to visit the Archaeological Museum - the so-called BONE BAY, which is on the water and in question is a reconstruction of a prehistoric settlement, which was found on this site with original objects of that time. Return to Ohrid in the afternoon. At the request of the group, it is possible to organize a dinner with music on the occasion of the March 8 celebration. Overnight stay.

March 7 Breakfast. Check out of the hotel. Departure to Montenegro, with a stop and a break in the center of Tirana for about two hours. Continuation of the road with stops for border formalities. Upon arrival in Podgorica, in the evening, the end of the arrangement.

THE PRICE INCLUDES: Transport by tourist buses 2 nights with breakfast 3 * hotel Tour of Ohrid with a licensed guide Agency representative during the trip

THE PRICE DOES NOT INCLUDE: Individual passenger costs Gala dinner with music 15.00 eur - optional Insurance 5.00 (optional) Optional trip St. Naum 15 eur - optional

This trip requires a valid biometric passport, valid for at least three months from the end of the trip or an ID card valid for at least another three months from the date of return from the trip.

- Minors can attend the arrangement but with the written and certified consent of one parent (if traveling with the other) or both parents, if traveling alone

- The agency has the right to cancel the arrangement no later than 5 days from the start of the trip, due to insufficient number of applicants. In that case, the registered passengers can be offered to pay a certain amount so that the trip can be realized. If the passengers refuse the surcharge, the agency will return the money paid to the passengers within 5 working days.

- If the traveler cancels the trip, the agency is guided by the General Conditions of Travel, which are an integral part of the arrangement.

- The travel organizer reserves the right to change the travel program due to unforeseen objective circumstances (eg traffic jams at the borders, traffic jams, closure of one of the sites planned for tours, etc. ()

- The signatory of the travel contract or the representative of the group is obliged to acquaint all their passengers with the agreed travel program, terms of payment and insurance as well as the General Terms and Conditions.

- All times in the program are given in the local hours of the country in which the group will reside

- Passengers who have a foreign passport are obliged to inquire with the competent consulate about the necessary documents

- The hotel accommodation where the group will stay is according to the official local categorization of the country in which we will be staying and may differ from the categorization in our country. The agency cannot influence that as well as the content of the breakfast meal.

- The Agency is not responsible in case the border authorities prevent the passenger from entering the EU.

- Please note that there is a possibility that some of the hotel facilities may not be operational due to objective circumstances, and that due to state or religious holidays in a particular destination some of the sites, or shopping malls, shops, restaurants, museums do not work.

- Stopping for stopping breaks is provided every 3 to 4 hours of driving at stopping stops, depending on the availability of stopping capacity and road conditions

- In case of justified reasons, and impossibility of accommodation in the already selected hotel, the agency has the first replacement of the contracted accommodation, provided that the newly selected hotel must be of the same category and in the same or similar location. agree to the change.

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